Angler Amber Ale

Amber Ale Brew

Brewed a second batch of the Angler Amber Ale today. Things went pretty good for the equipment I was using and for with the break since my last batch. Actually, things went much smoother than I had anticipated with only 2 problems, one more major and one more minor. Problem number one was I missed my target gravity by about 0.010. This may not sound like a lot but it is really enough to make a difference. Don’t know why the efficency was so low, but I’ll get it straighten out. Problem number two was my yeast. I tried to make a yeast started with a White Labs vial of California Ale Yeast 001 and the sucker was dead for lack of a better term. After 36 hours in the started there was still no visible action. I was pissed about the yeast not working partially because I was so excited about not having to make a starter from scratch since Garrett had canned off a few quarts – DAMN! Anyway, I was fortunet enough to have some US-56 on hand which basically saved the day. Next brew day in less than a week. I will be teaming up with Garrett to brew a 10 gallon batch of a Pale Ale, can’t wait.

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