Philly Craft Beer Festival

Today was the first Philly Craft Beer Festival, held at the Philadelphia Cruise Terminal at the Naval Yard. There were two sessions, 12-4 & 6-10 – I was at the 12-4 session.

Philly Craft Beer Festival

I went up with Richard which was a great partner in crime to have. We showed up a little late which really wasn’t a big deal except for the huge line to get in – but that too seemed to move quickly. According to the information there were 50 breweries there, each with at least two beers. My first objective was to try and hit the odd-ball brews that people brought with them and then to try to hit new breweries to me or at least ones I don’t get to try often.

It didn’t seem that many people brought special brews, so that then lead us to step two, places we don’t get to try often. Some of these included: Appalachian Brewing Co., Independence, Legacy, Rock Art, Triumph, Cricket Hill, and Thomas Hooker. Of course I drank some of the good ol’ stand-by’s too: Dogfish Head, Iron Hill, Sly Fox, Victory, Troegs, and Weyerbacher.

Overall it really turned out to be a great fest. In door but with nice weather so everything was open, not long lines at the restrooms, food available if you wanted to buy it, no one out of control, and lines less then 10 people always, usually more like 2-4. My only real complaint was the lack of free water. For a $40 ticket (which I happen to get two for half price ;^)) there should be free bottles of water. It is only going to help people and there reputation. What is the most one person is going to drink, four – and how a bout the average person, one maybe. Overall good time, can’t wait till next year – or at least the next fest!

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