Bottle Preping Again

Imagine that! This time it is in preparation for the Oatmeal Stout Experiment. I’m hoping to get a six-pack from each gallon with a little left over in each container for some blending. Unfortunetly I am begging for oxidation and asking for infection, but with any luck and some good practices, I’ll come out on top.

Bottling 1

Theoretically my brewness will be as follows for the next few days:

  • Thurs. March 8th – Prepare bottles for bottling Oatmeal Stout Experiment (OSE). New beers tried: Stone Old Gaurdian Early ’06 Release & Flying Fish Espresso Porter 10th Anniversary Brew.
  • Fri. March 9th – Go to Iron Hill Wilmington Mug Club Renewal Party, try IHW specialty beers. Prepare starter for English Pale Ale (EPA) to be brewed Sunday made with slurry from OSE, WLP002.
  • Sat. – Bottle OSE, possibly go to Iron Hill Newark Mug Club Renewal Party – Possibly go to HDYB to pick up Gypsum for EPA. Drink growler of Blonde Barleywine from Iron Hill West Chester.
  • Sun. – Brew English Pale Ale and plan out beers for the 2nd Annual Delaware Digital Scavenger Hunt – 2 maybe 3!

Bottling 2

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