Delaware C.A.C.H.E. Pt 1

On Saturday, March 24th, Robert and I tried to complete the Delaware C.A.C.H.E. in one day. A very ambitious goal which we fell drastically short of. It was a great day and we still did well, but we missed our objective.

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The Delaware CACHE is an event that takes place at where 24 caches are hidden throughout the state of Delaware that all have to be found in order to find and participate at a final event. Both Robert and I enjoy geocaching in the first place, so this was an interesting challenge to us. The time frame to get all 24 caches is like two or two and half months, but we decided to try and do it in one day, just to see if we could. We went for 15 of the 24 and found 13 of the 15. One of the caches we did not find was definetly gone and the other we had the wrong coordinates for.

Bundles McFister with Cache

The Delaware CACHE reminded me a lot of the Delaware Digital Scavenger Hunt, in that it was state-wide, had a certain criteria that had to be followed, digital pictures were a must, and there would be awards for different categories at the end. Some of the rules for the Delaware CACHE are:

  • You must register to play and you must earn your invite to the final event by following all the rules for all 24 caches, then figure out a final puzzle to find the actual location for the event.
  • You must sign the log book at each of the 24 caches.
  • You must post a picture of yourself with each cache at each loction.
  • Record a “secret” number from the inside of each cache that will be needed to figure out the final puzzle for the event.

Some of the categories eligible for prizes are:

  • Best photos in the following categories: Wildlife/Animals, Nature/Scenery, and People/Geocachers.
  • Best on-line log in the following categories: Best Overall, Most Unique Log (Creative), Best Log About What You Learned

Bri Cache

Overall it was a great time and I can’t wait to figure out a time to get the other 11 – 9 of which are in New Castle County and 2 are still in Sussex (poo). We actually started on Friday night by “preparing” at Dogfish Head Brewpub. We got to try one of there new beers the Beanie Bock, which we both thought was good, but after talking to the brewer apparetly it was very different (no longer good) than it had orginally turned out. After DFH we headed to the beach house and crashed, got up at 5AM to start at 6 and were on our way. The caches veried from lame to interesting to frustrating. The worst was I had printed up the sheets for the caches in February, since then one of the caches had been stolen and replaced. After it was replaced they moved the cache. We did not know that so we were looking in the wrong place the whole time, for over an hour, in the area that was furthest from home – and had to come up with a ‘did not find’ – sucked! The rest of the day just got weird in a good way, just ask Duchon Mandik and Bundles McFister.

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