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CFWAY Pre-Post

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Well, it’s three days away, so I better give people a heads up if they have any interest.


This Saturday, April 5, 2008, is the 1st Cure For What Ales You (CFWAY) Homebrew Fest at Iron Hill in Newark, DE. I have included a link which has all the vitals straight from the horses mouth plus directions, so I am going to give mt two cents instead. It seems like these local guys who host the website CFWAY have a great idea to run a non-traditional homebrew competition at the ever homebrew-friendly local brewpub chain Iron Hill at their Newark, DE location. Their idea is basically this: get as many local homebrewers as possible (50 is the number I’ve heard) and offer them an opportunity to showcase their homebrew to the public. What’s the catch? Well, each homebrewer has to supply at least a case of beer to be consumed and judged for free. No entry fee for the brewers or public. The brewers get to show off there stuff and promote homebrewing, while the public gets to enjoy many tasty free homebrews. Plus there is a broad category competition going on where the brewers could be compensated for their hard work.

Sounds like a good time to me. How will it go? Who knows. I’m sure their will be a learning curve, for I have never heard of something like this, plus it is their first year giving it a shot. But, it has a huge chance to be a real success. I really have no idea how they are setting this up or running it, but I picture a typical (but smaller) brewfest scenario, but behind the tables will be homebrewers pimping their beers not pro-brewers. I am highly looking forward to this. Join the fun this Saturday at Iron Hill in Newark, DE from 1PM-5PM. Stop by and say “hi” to me if you’re not already a familiar face.

It’s Time for a Change

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Sometimes I get sick of brewing the same old stuff, so I am going to revive some old stuff and create some new stuff too.

Moores Light

All I have been brewing recently is Belgian-style beers, and big beers, and extreme beers, and uber-hoppy beers – – enough already! It’s time for me to step up and start brewing for the masses, screw what I like. I am going to revive the Moore’s Light first and foremost. This will officially be the new house beer at The Calhoun. I want something that is easy-drinking, low in calories, and low in flavor. This way I can drink as much as I want, always quantity over quality, I’ll actually lose weight, and I won’t ever have to be worried about hoppy-burps or bad beer breath again.

Next, I am going to make a cider-pop and a Gatorade infused malternative. I’ve brewed two traditional British style ciders and no one seems to appreciate them, well you know what, I’ll give you what you want. I am going to make the best cider-pop you have never had – it will be sweet, and appley, and bubbly and have some sort of animal on the label, maybe a Lyger. Also, I’ve been interested in malternatives too lately, actually, I am just going to use simple white table sugar and make a high gravity rocket-fuel and cut it with lemon-lime Gatorade. That way it’ll taste great, get you drunk off your ass, and you’ll never have a hang-over again!

Moore’s Light, Lyger Cider-Pop, and Brian’s Hard Gatorade-infused Malternative, my mouth is drooling with anticipation – and I’ll have these on tap! Drink up my fellow beer-alternative lovers, drink up!