Left Left arrow - Turn left
Right Right arrow - Turn right
Up Up arrow - Thrust forward
Space Space - Fire missile
Shift Shift key - Hyperspace

P  - Pause/unpause game
Q  - Quit game

Let me take you back... back to a world before pixels. In those days, all people had were lines. A company called Atari had recently wowed crowds with their clever use of lines in a game called Pong, but now line technology had advanced. It was 1979, and lines could be made to look like spaceships and big rocks and flying saucers... as long as you squinted a little.

And so, Asteroids was born. It's an elegantly simple game, but beautifully gratifying. You float in space and shoot the asteroids, but the more you shoot, the more asteroids you create. And be careful you only have one ship for each 10,000 points scored.