Use the arrow keys to guide Frogger.

Left Down Right

P  - Pause/unpause game
Q  - Quit game
M  - Mute/unmute sound

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Way back in 1981, kids had absolutely nothing to do.  Nothing but diddly-squat.  So to spice things up a little bit, youths the world over thought they might as well try killing themselves by running out in front of oncoming vehicles whilst other feral children made monkey noises and jeered "Chicken!" repeatedly.

Thankfully, a thoughtful Japanese company called Konami decided they'd had enough of all these daredevil japes and made a computer game based on this very theme just so kids would stop getting flattened by articulated lorries.  And henceforth, Frogger was born.  It's essentially the same idea, but with a frog.